Fill-in your information below and you’ll receive a complete, fully functioning version of Green Screen Wizard Pro with Studio Editor to try for yourself. That’s five layers to create amazing images from portraits to sandwich overlays, including the Airbrush Editor, it puts powerful special effects at your fingertips -- it’s the next evolution in chroma key removal.

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Green Screen Wizard PRO 9.0 with Studio Editor

In addition to having one of the most effective green screen removal systems, Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio’s proprietary Airbrush Editor puts ultimate flexibility and quality at your fingertips.

Its special brushes allow you to restore lost green areas, adjust brightness and contrast in specific areas, fix unwanted screen shadows, and do unprecedented fine hair restoration.

Other ‘powertools’ allow you to magically smooth face wrinkles, generate realistic shadows and reflections, soften images, create 5-layer sandwich overlays, fully annotate and frame, create magazine covers, and so much more. Impress your clients with your artistic images — you don’t have to tell them the Green Screen Wizard special effects tools made it a snap!

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Includes 4 Special Effects
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Huge Special Effects Background Collections Are Included FREE When You Buy Now!

The Green Screen Wizard Special Effects Mega Collection includes 4 background collections — that’s over 260 quality images!

The Reflections Collection Gives you over 100 special backgrounds that have a reflective surface that result in stunning effects!The Texture File Collection Has over 60 textured images and allows you to take full advantage of the artistic effects or realistic reflections offered by the texture system.The Frame and Silhouette Collection Can be used to replace the black in any silhouette or the black in a frame with a bright color or professional mat.The Shadow
Gives you some beautiful backgrounds that are large enough for you to fit in shadows of your subject – the results are sure to please your clients!

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