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Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor 8.0 is downloading now…

(Please note, version 9.0 for Mac will not release until the summer of 2016. You will have the opportunity to upgrade for free at that time.)

Please check your download folder and click to install the software. You may need to open the folder and run the set up file.

You will be running the full version of our Pro Studio Editor. All the features and effects are available to you to try. The demo version is protected by watermarked output images. To put Green Screen Wizard to work for you, go here to purchase a license key here.

Here’s how to get started using Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor…

We’ve put together some helpful articles and videos to help you get started. We find it’s beneficial to have the software open so you can use it while you are reading the how to articles or watching the videos.

Start by watching the video we feature on the homepage: Introducing Green Screen Wizard Professional Studio Editor 9.0

Then read the article Simple Steps to Mastering Green Screen Photography

Watch the videos we feature in the article Green Screen Wizard Pro Air Brush Editor and Special Effects How To Videos

In addition, within the software there is the Help Index which will help to guide you through using all of the basic and special features of the software.


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