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Simple Steps to Mastering Green Screen Photography

Master Green Screen Photography

The principle behind green screen photography magic is fairly simple, but harnessing this powerfully creative tool, even for the seasoned photographer and graphic designer, can be challenging.

To get you started out right, let’s first explore the basic concepts behind green screen photography and the software used to achieve the magic — also called chroma key software.

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Which Green Screen Software is Best for Photographers

Which Software is the best?

These days the professional photographer who is looking for the best chroma key software has a number of choices. So let’s take a look at the green screen software features most important to those who make their living producing stunning images for their clients. And which software delivers best on what photographers need to expand their businesses?

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Earning Serious Money With Green Screen Photography

Earn Money

Earning a living as a photographer, especially a portrait photographer can be extremely challenging. Sure, you’re confident your technical and creative skills are top notch and you have a steady stream of clients — still your profitability is not what you envisioned when you started your photography business.

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Transforming Your Portrait Business with Chroma Key Techniques

Chroma Key Techniques

“When I suggested to my clients that they have me put them in an impressionist style painting, they looked at me like I had a screw loose, but when they saw the finished image, they were amazed!”, related one Chicago area photographer. “And I’m pretty pleased to see the increase in my business as a result of green screen photography and the new visual effects I have at my fingertips thanks to Green Screen Wizard software.”

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Green Screen Wizard Pro Air Brush Editor and Special Effects How To Videos

airbrush video screenshot

Besides containing the most powerful and effective chroma key removal algorithm of any software available, the newest release of Green Screen Wizard Pro Version 9.0 for both Windows and MAC now provides the professional photographer with 15 amazing Air Brushes and an new suite of Special Effects.

To preview these post production tools or to show users how to tap into their power, Green Screen Wizard has posted some great videos. Each gives you a ‘flyover’ of these awesome special effects and will quickly get you acclimated to using these features so you can begin to incorporate green screen photography into your business.

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Green Screen Pics of Grandkids Turns into Successful Photography Business


When Annette Olsen decided to purchase Green Screen Wizard software a few years ago, she thought she’d have some fun taking pictures of her grandkids and putting them in all sorts of fun scenes. But what started out as an enjoyable activity she could do with her grandchildren, soon turned into a nice business for Annette. Here’s her story in her own words… Continue reading “Green Screen Pics of Grandkids Turns into Successful Photography Business” »