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Green Screen Wizard PRO 9.0 with Studio Editor

Amazing is Now Easy!

Reality Integration™

Significantly raises the bar in Chroma Key removal.

Our proprietary process

The Airbrush Editor

Fully integrated. Puts 15 amazing Brushes at your fingertips.

Powerful, yet simple to use

Sandwich Overlays

Place your subjects ‘in’ the scene with up to 5 Layers.

Unprecedented realism

Stunning Special Effects

Get Creative with new Texture, Reflections, Framing and Softening Effects.

Unleash your creativity

Best Chroma Key Removal

Our proprietary algorithm uses stunning accuracy to precisely remove green (or blue) screens from images — it’s what makes Green Screen Wizard Pro software far superior.

What is Chroma Key Photography?

Chroma key automatically removes a specified color (usually green) from a photographic image. Shoot your subject against a green background, then use specialized software like Green Screen Wizard Pro for Mac or PC, to easily replace the background with any image you choose. There is virtually no limit to your creativity!

Smart Image Processing

Green Screen Wizard Pro uses such high sophistication in it’s processing of images, with a simple click, it instantly generates a dozen suggested adjustments.

Intuitive Controls

Green Screen Wizard Pro precisely and instantly removes the green screen then guides you through the background replacement process. Easily fine tune the image or experiment with different backgrounds.

Undeniable Realism

Retaining every spec of the original image, while completely eliminating the green background is what gives Green Screen Wizard Pro its undeniable realism. Be amazed how the software preserves semi-transparent areas of the subject such as fine hairs, lace, and glass.

The Airbrush Editor

Truly represents the newest evolution in green screen software. Use the brushes to give the algorithm more information about the image and what part of the image needs to be enhanced. For instance…

Easily erase areas of the green screen that may have undesirable shadows.

If the bride is holding green flowers or your subject has on a green shirt, you can easily restore the original green color.

Use the amazing Hair brush to tell the algorithm the exact hair color you’re looking for watch how it magically restores even fine hairs.

Green Screen Wizard Pro Version 9.0 includes all of the following airbrushes:

brush Erase Background – To replace the foreground with the background brush Hair – Lets you select hair color and then extract it brush Restore Foreground – To restore green areas, like flowers and clothing
brush Spill – To remove Green Spill brush Filter– Like hair but you select a cloth color brush Blend – Blends layers for wedding veils and transparent areas
brush Restores Black brush Blend Edges – Smooths Edges brush Restores White

These airbrushes make touching up color photos a simple matter:

brush Blur – Will blur the skin for a softer look brush Smooth – Will take out variations in skin tone brush Copy – Copy’s one section of the photo to another
brush Brightness – Change the brightness of any section of the photo brush Contrast – Change the contrast of any section of the photo brush Paint – Paint any color to add color to skin, or eye shadow

Sandwich Overlays

Place your subjects ‘in’ the scene with up to 5 Layers, including 3 Overlays.
The Realism You can Achieve with Green Screen Wizard Pro is Undeniable…

Create Fun Magazine Covers Your Clients will Love!


Unleashing Your Creativity

Pro Version 9.0 Represents a Leap Forward in Green Screen Software Technology…
New Texture, Reflections, Framing and Smoothing Special Effects are Now at Your Fingertips!

and Sepia


Advanced Silhouette





Skin Smoothing

Magically make your clients look younger or even skin tones with the Smoothing Effect.

Add Reflections

Add realistic Reflections to your subjects when you place then in or around water — the results are truly amazing!

Advanced Silhouette

Advanced Silhouetting allows you to replace the silhouette with any color or image.


Available for Mac & Windows
For Only $199
Includes 4 Special Effects
Background Image Collections FREE!

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